I have never considered myself to be good at writing but ever since I was little, I had multiple journals hidden around my room. I wrote to escape reality for a while. Confession, I still have them to see how far I have come and to laugh about me complaining about past relationships.

As internet became this huge thing and a little more private, password protected compared to if someone finding my journal they could just open it. I have hundreds of notes on my phone and computer just writing and writing. I even had multiple drafts on here too embarrassed to post them.

But also with internet, we can share things easily with one another. We can see how many people share the same thoughts, same feelings as you and that is such a wonderful feeling knowing that you are not alone.

With my post. I hope I can give that. I hope someone who reads it, whether it’s only one person that can sit there and say, ‘Wow. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who is going through something. I’m not alone in this, in feeling this way.’

I’m Dani. I’m 24 and an average writer. I use this as a journal. As an escape. As advice. As a comfort. To help you see that you are not alone.


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