Relating to the Sex and the City character’s in your 20’s

So I decided to rewatch Sex and the City for the hundredth time. I tend to find myself rewatching SATC at different points in my life. I first watched SATC at 20, immediately obsessing with Carrie Bradshaw and her best friends.

When I was 20, I found myself relating to Charlotte and her need to get married. How she thought she found the perfect guy but he ended up being the imperfect man and how hopeless she felt that she was going to end up alone

At 21, I found myself being Samantha. Confident in my looks, body (even though she always touched hers up with Botox) mines a diet and a little exercise. I didn’t want a relationship but if it happened I enjoyed it until I didn’t. I loved where I was at in my life.

At 23, I was in my Miranda stage. So dedicated and focused on my career, in my case, school that she enjoyed the casual flings and short relationships but wasn’t bummed when they ended.

Now at 24, I found myself relating to Carrie and her relationship with Big. I thought I had my BIG love but it ended for good. It was BIG when it lasted but it was for the best. I enjoy dating, I meet a very interesting handful of men. It opens me up to new things that I never thought I’d be open up to. But I also want a serious relationship. I’m not pushy but I’m annoyed that it hasn’t happened. I’ve been single by choice for a long while and I thought that dating for a relationship would be easy, I was wrong.

The rules of SATC doesn’t help you get a boyfriend, those roles are fictional plus those rules count for the late 90’s, early 2000’s.

As much as I love SATC…. can we have a revival? An up to date version so I know how this dating thing works at 24?


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