I can’t remember if I wrote about my friendships before or not… if I have, this is an update, if I haven’t… this is a new post.

I was friends with three people for a long time. Three best friends that I never thought would not be on speaking terms… and here we are.

I could write about how many good stories I share with them but I could also write about all the horrible stories I share with them too but I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to write about how toxic the relationships were.

Have you ever met people that were just bad seeds and everyone told you they were but you were couldn’t personally see what bad they saw until it ended? That’s the point I’m at right now. I have ended the relationships and I’m just letting go. It’s not sad either and I’m honestly surprised. But this has been a long time coming.

Meeting the friends that I have done here has made me realize how unhealthy my friendships were with these three people. How different the friendships were, how easily  I could sit here and compare them and I’m not only putting the blame on them. I have made my mistakes and done damage and I admit and take responsibility for it completely.

Writing text messages, pouring out how you feel and either getting nothing back or a short, clipped, brushed off response, is getting the answer you knew was coming. Ending the relationships were just the next steps and surprisingly easily. The only sad part is finding out how easily people can be so manipulating and are manipulated. People not wanting to take responsibility for their actions and blame you for everything. Even the wrong that they did on their own to make them look like a good friend/person. When most of the stuff that they have said to you, that you supposedly have said, you knew that they said it.

Knowing that you’re name is going to be slung through the mud because they refuse to look like the horrible person that they are and being slightly bothered by that, like any human would be. But maybe I needed to go through this to understand that the friends that I have in my life are going to be my friends for life, that they’re only spread with love and positivity and that you never have to worry about feeling left out, made fun of, put down or insecure.

Moral of the story, let negative and toxic people go from your life. That even though they might be friends or family and even both, the sooner you let go, the happier you’ll be.


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