The Election

This is long… so bare with me.

Here it is November 12, 2016 and a few days have passed since Donald Trump was elected President. I have deleted my Facebook multiples time and did my best to ignore Twitter. I was tired of seeing the hate coming from Hillary supporters to third party voters. I was tired of the hate coming from some of my best friends because I voted third party.

I didn’t vote third party out of spite or revenge of what happened to Bernie Sanders, which was complete and utter bullshit might I add. I voted third party because I believed in Jill Stein and what she stood for. I didn’t support Hillary and I didn’t support Trump so why should I vote for the two primary choices that I didn’t support? I didn’t.

I knew from the very beginning that Trump was going to win. Why? Because America, the country that most of us live in, idolize celebrities and I mean all celebrities. The good, the bad and the ugly. (Not ugly attractive but ugly personality.) Where celebrities make national news instead of what country is basically being destroyed by bombs, (Syria.) Kim and Kanye West fueding with Taylor Swift over a line in Kanye’s song. Like who the fuck cares.

So watching most of America choose Trump as our new President was not shocking. It was surreal. I knew it was going to happen but watching it happen was a strange feeling. Disappointment, anger and fear was the emotions swirling through my brain as I watched from my dorm room. I sat my phone down, turned my television on mute and just stared into nothing. It really happened.

I didn’t want either to win but to see President elect Trump’s name flash across the bottom of the screen was a shell shocking experience. I couldn’t really even react because as surprised as I was, I really wasn’t because I just knew.

But the next day is when I was the angriest and not because Trump won (#hesnotmypresident) but because how many Hillary supporters were pointing the blame at third party voters and how much they were belittling them. I had never experienced something like this and I was pissed.

The day of election day, I expressed that there is always a third option, Jill and Gary to vote for, not just Hillary and Trump and I instantly started to get attacked by friends, people who I thought were my friends, who were supposed to ‘respect’ my beliefs and opinions. Who we were all on the Bernie train together and now I was like mortal enemy #1.

But on November 9, I was so upset, hurt and pissed at my friends, at Hillary supporters at the election in general. I wanted to scream because I was so angry. But I didn’t. I stopped and calmed down and took to social media with my emotions and vented. On Tumblr, Twitter (which I’ve now deleted) and went on a rant that went something like this:

“Dear people who are angry and are blaming third-party voters,

Hillary supporters, this letter is for you because I am angry at you. Now, I’m not mad at all Hillary supporters but the 97% that I am mad at, I’m talking to you. First of all, I’m sorry that you are hurt and disappointed an now are living with fear because Trump was elected our President. Something I didn’t want to happen but something that couldn’t be stopped.

As a woman, I live in fear with the men who laugh and agree with Trump’s ‘grab them by the pussy’ comment. I am fearful for me, walking alone back to my dorm at 3 in the morning after getting off of work that something could happen, something that is more likely to happen since Trump promotes rape culture.

To all of my Muslim, latino(a), black and lgbtq friends, my heart breaks for you especially. The fear that I live in now, is nothing compared to the fear you’re living in now. I’ve read the hate, I’ve heard it first hand and I am terrified that we as people who live in 2016 still have to experience racism, hatred, homophobia, prejudice and sexism. That instead of taking step forwards we are taking step backwards. It’s sad and heartbreaking to live in this world that all of this still exists. I don’t understand why people still want to have hate in their hearts when we all need love.

I try to understand the best that I can because I don’t go through the horrible experiences that you do daily. So would the best word be sympathize? Because I do. I really do. I understand your fears and why you’re angry. This is why I’m angry.

Not all but most Hillary supporters are pointing the blame at third party voters because Hillary lost and that’s shitty. Maybe Hillary lost because 50% of America didn’t show up to vote because they didn’t like her and they didn’t like Trump and they didn’t either like or know that there is another party they could’ve vote for but of course the media doesn’t share the light on the independent and green party. Which sucks.

Also 11,000 or 15,000 depending on what site your read voted for a dead Gorilla and 2,000 voted for a domestic beer and even less than that voted for Football players. They obviously did not take this election seriously. But instead of pointing the blame for that, you’re blaming us third party voters. Why?

You’re sending hate, lots of it something that you are protesting against (love trumps hate) to us. Hypocritical much? How dare you belittle someone for voting for who they believe in. Most, not all Trump supporters are doing the same to you and you’re pissed about it. So why do the same thing you’re fighting against? It isn’t fair, it isn’t right anti makes you all look stupid and hypocritical.

Like I said, I’m sorry you’re hurt and angry but taking it out on other voters suck. You’re just as bad as the bad Trump supporters that you’re fighting with. Belittling people to the point where they feel like the lowest piece of dirt on earth is no way to treat someone and you need to stop. As much as this world is not divided and how much hate is in it we need to stick together and spread love, fight hate with love because my god, we all need it.

A third party voter”

I’m sorry to anyone has received hate. I know we are living in fear, we’re angry and upset but we need to stick together. Spread love and positivity. Fight hate with love because we need as much love as we can get right now.

Stay strong.
I love you.