School and New Friendships

Starting college can be an overwhelming feeling. I started college back in 2011, right after graduating high school. I did a program called the master plan which allows Freshman and new students like transfers an opportunity to make friends, get familiar with campus and information about classes, greek life and raise awareness about sexual assault and granted you get to move in a week early before everyone else.

I did a full semester on campus and I had one of the hardest times adjusting. I was home sick, I didn’t have a car and had to rely on friends that I went to high school with to give me rides back home when they went of course but I felt stuck and I felt like a burden and high school did not prepare me how mentally and emotionally draining college was. So I took a break from school for about two years, deciding on what I really wanted to do.

When I enrolled back in to school,  I did online classes and still didn’t truly know what I wanted. So I did most of my gen-ed classes, trying to take it slow so I can decide what I really wanted to major in. About three semesters of online classes it finally hit me on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to major in Broadcasting in Radio. I changed majors and then got the news that I would need to move back to campus because they hardly offered any broadcasting classes online. I had a complete panic attack at work when I found out because I only had a month to get everything together and to transfer jobs.

A week before I moved back to campus the panic started to sink in again. I started thinking about who my roommate was going to be, is she going to be really young? Immature? Are we going to be completely different and hate each other? Granted, I was 22 moving back into the dorms. I didn’t think anyone my age would be living in the dorm. Was I going to miserable like I was my first time living on campus? Was I going to hate my classes? Everything negative, I thought it but I didn’t have to worry about rides because I went and bought me a car a few months before the summer started.

The first day I moved in, my roommate didn’t show up. She didn’t show up for almost a week. I met her at 3 in the morning on a night where I had a 8 am class. She couldn’t get a flight out sooner. Her name was Yen, she was 25 and was from Vietnam. She was my height, thin with medium length chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was sincerely sweet and apologized for waking me up. She didn’t have a comforter, no sheets or pillows for her bed. I had brought some spare blankets with me and gave her some and a pillow. I wasn’t going to let her sleep on the bare, twin size dorm mattress.

The next day, I had met a girl named Dylan in my hall after class. She was an inch shorter than me, pale red hair, same size as me and green/hazel eyes. We had said hello to each other but it soon turned into a full blown conversation. She was 27, from Tennessee and she was roomed with a Brazilian girl named Leilai who was about my roommates age. “Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only older one here! I feel better that someone in the mid twenties are living in the dorms!” I sighed in relief. Dylan just laughed. She later invited me to hang out with her friends Madi, Kelli and Greta.

That night I met Greta and Kelli first who were roommates. Madi came in Dylan’s room about 30 minutes later and I found out that all the girls had met each other last year at the master plan program. Madi was 5’11, long brown hair with brown eyes , Greta was 5’2, long dark brown hair and hazel eyes and Kelli was 5’8, long curly blonde hair with blue eyes were 19. Kelli was from Chicago, Greta was from Boston and Madi was from all over the place. They made me feel like I had been friends with them for years, plus they were hilarious. I had never laughed so hard in my life. Each of their personalities were completely different but it worked in such a unique, powerful way and from that day, we all hung out with each other, getting closer and closer.

Dylan and I became roommates after Dylan’s roommate left college. I was a bit nervous because I heard that living with your friends can turn into a bloody battle in a blink of an eye but we were so alike in many ways. Madi had gotten a new roommate after hating her last one. Her new roommate’s name was Hannah and she instantly became one of our closest friend. She was the missing piece in our friend group. Everyone brought a little different piece to the group, growing up so differently, in different places and all of us being so headstrong. Don’t get me wrong, we butted heads like any friends but it only made us appreciate each other more.

I had never met such a group of strong, intelligent, supportive, genuine people in my entire life. I had rarely experience such healthy friendships like I had in these girls and without them, I probably wouldn’t like school as much as I did. Granted, I loved every single class that I took. Having healthy friendships and majoring in something you love makes school 100 times better.


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